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Logicom Korea is a professional global searchfirm, serving in the field of human resources. We provide services such as scouting and recruiting high competitive personnels.

To respond to changing environments surrounding enterprises, Logicom Korea is doing its best to provide Priority and leading businesses to success through core competence searching based on our professional and knowledgeable skills.

Field: Total HR Solution Service Provider
Industries: Mechanical/Electronic/Electric/Mecatronics, Telecommunication,
              Computer/Semi-conductor, Finance, M&A/Management Consulting, Phamatheutical,
              Consumer Appliance, Distribution, Hotel & Tourism, Public Relation, Chemical etc.
Jobs: CEO, Manager including local represnetatives, CFO, COO,
         Managers of HR/Operation/Accounting,
         Strategist, Consultant, M&A Specialist, PR Specialist,
         Managers of MKT/Sales/Tech. Sales
         Professional Engineers, Sales engineer, R&D engineer,
         IT Programmer, Professional Secretary, Translator/Interpreter etc.

Company name : Logicom Korea Co., Ltd.
CEO : Seong-Bae Kim
Address : DongHyun Bldg, #955-13, Daechi-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul
Tel : 82-2-539-4288 (Representative)
Fax : 82-2-539-0084
Establishment : January 1999
e-mail : sbkim@logicom.co.kr
Homepage : http://www.logicom.co.kr

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DongHyun Bldg. 1F, #955-13, Daechi-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul      Logicom Korea Co., Ltd.
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