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We live in a world that has become more competitive than ever before. For brand image renovation and further growth and development, enterprises are now asking and requiring for competitive human resources.

The number of internet users in the world exceeds 3,000 million. Presently, it has increased exponentially, therefore establishing giant networks. Serving as an important information tool to both professional and nonprofessional people, the internet influences politics, the economy, society, and culture. Due to the internet, we are facing changes that we have never experienced before.

Today, the most valuable resource for a company is not capital, material possessions, competitive skills, or a new market. The most valuable asset is a competitive human resource that can create new values and a new vision for the company.

We have cooperated with our clients from various industries for their core competency, recommending competitive personnel to fit their requirements.

Growing together with our clients in these changing times, Logicom Korea, as a trusted partner, will provide you with a variety of opportunities through different types of services.

Thank you,

Seong-Bae Kim
CEO of Logicom Korea Co., Ltd.
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